Services Available


The daily rental includes:

  • 24 hours worth of advertising and promotion on multiple platforms.
  • I will blog about you on this website (and others)
  • I will Tweet about you
  • I will FaceBook about you
  • I will talk about you on my morning radio show (broadcast on the air and streamed around the world)
  • I will produce a video for you, upload it to YouTube, place it on this page and several other web pages and social media sites.

And that’s just the start.


I will mention you and/or your business on my morning radio show on Westplex 107.1 locally and worldwide streamed on the web. The show runs between 6 AM and 8 AM US Central Time. I will mention you at least twice for one day. Each mention will be 30 seconds or less.  Please submit any ad copy or give me bullet points on what you want me to say.


I will post three times per day for you on my FaceBook page. I have over 4000 friends. I will include any pictures, videos or links that you provide to me.